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The trusted source of calcium and vitamin D

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    Calcium is essential for maintaining strong bones throughout life.

    Calcium for bone strength and vitamin D to help optimise calcium absorption.

    A unique blend of calcium and other minerals to support bone strength and flexibility,plus high level of Vitamin D to support muscle strength.

    Helps to ensure optimal calcium absorption, improving bone density and strength.

    Calcium and Vitamin D in a chocolate flavoured soft chew.

    Supports bone strength and flexibility plus muscle strength for adults 50+ years

    Take an active role in your bone health by making nutritional choices with your bones in mind.


    Find out if you’re getting enough calcium for your bones with the Calcium Calculator.


    You probably know that calcium is important to your bone health. But did you know that vitamin D plays a crucial role, too? In fact, not getting enough vitamin D may reduce the calcium absorbed from food alone.